The Problem

Huge landfills are ruining the Earth because they are taking up a lot of space and are releasing greenhouse gasses. The biggest landfill in the United States accepts 15,000 tons of waste every day and is 2,200 acres wide. The organic materials in these landfills can decay and release greenhouse gasses like methane and carbon dioxide, which are gasses that are especially effective at trapping heat, and contribute to climate change. This is a serious problem when it comes to landfills this big.

A Solution

According to the EPA, more than 30% of what is thrown away is compostable, and when these items go to landfills, they will take much longer to decompose than normal because of the absence of bacteria and other decomposers. Many people might think of composting as something not worth doing, so we're here to tell you that it is indeed something important that everyone should do. It would reduce the amount of items that go to landfills, and if these organic materials avoid landfills, then they can't release greenhouse gasses there. Instead, they can go to composting sites where they can decompose and be used as fertilizer. We'd like to encourage you to purchase and use a compost bin if you don't already have one, or to compost in some other way. If you are unable or unmotivated to get a compost bin, then we would be happy to give one to you for free! All you have to do is complete the form below and we will ship one to you.

Thank you for your interest in helping our planet!